As many of you will know, I'm an industrial design student, undertaking the Bachelor of Design degree course run by Wellington Polytechnic and Victoria University of Wellington  
Just a bit of background information: All Industrial design students (and interior and textile design students for that matter) are situated in the School of Architecture and Design building in Vivian Street, Wellington. I'm on my second year of the 4 year coarse: the first professional year of the degree.  
If you're wondering what that OPIE thing means at the top of the page, that's just my product signature/branding/identity thingy that I put on all my work. Kind of like a company logo, sept I havent registered an official company or anything :) Hopefully I'll have an Opie homepage up and running shortly. I did have one for a short time, but I wanna do it a bit differantly.  
Anyway... In the mean time... check out some of the images below or an animated gif of the image to the right. 
This is a design for a green foam/soft material cutter, and features a height adjustable blade that swings outwards. Click on image to see an animated gif.
These images are two from a rendering assignment i recently did. We had a week to do each of them, and they're both A3 sized.