You probably know who I am anyway, but here's a run down :) 

Name: Simon Anderson 
Born: 19/04/79 (or 04/19/79 if you're a crazy american :) 
Live in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand 
Family: 1 sister, two parents :P  

Background info: Dad's from england, so all his side of the family lives in england (he only has one sister anyway, but she got quite a few kids and stuff. And he's got lots of other relatives over there like Aunts and stuff. But mum's family lives in New Zealand and she's got like 3 sisters and a brother or something, which we see quite regularly. My grandmother's still alive, and lives with one of my aunties. I only have one grandparent left, my mothers mother. My great-grandfather was from Sweden or something. My sister lives in London, and hangs out with my dad's relatives now and again. K. 

Personal traits: Kind of tall and big, wear glasses, usually have really bad hair. 

Go check out the photo album link below, it contains 30 pics of me and my family, and shots of New Zealand, and of Wellington and one shot of me in sydney zoo but that's irrelevant :)