One day in tellytubbie land, Po decided to quit his cushy job of running around all day in fields with a big red suit on and went to join some obscure German hard-core travelling porn show.

"Po porn!" said La-La in disbelief
"Horny Po!" said Tinky Winky, quietly wishing that he had the guts to do the same thing.

After a few bowls of tubby-custard, the three set about trying to decide who to replace Po
"Replace Po!" said Dipsy
"Po porn!" said La-La

The producers also sat and pondered. Then they were enlightened: who better to replace the red tellytubby than the leader of the great communist state?

"Tubby-ski custard-ski!" said Borris Yeltsin, fitting right in to his new job

"This new job-ski will help me to pay off the debts of my nation-ski. And help maintain my vodka addiction-ski"

"Vodka Borris Yeltsin!" said the other three Tellytubbies

"Awwwww, big hug"

The End.